Dahu Park

Visit Dahu Park in Taipei! It's a great place to ...

... see some very attractive person!


... see some squirrel!.
I mean, it's probably a squirrel, butt I can't see the head,so.

... see some cranes!
~Very Asian.~

... see some little girl trying to hunt a duck!!!
Little girls and animals. A must-see.

... see some people hunt fish!
Ha! Get them fish before they get you.

... see some lady take pictures of her dog like it's a person!!
Spoiler alert, lady: puppies turn into dogs who get old and die.

... see nerd(s) LARPing!
Spoiler alert: your dreams will take you as high as that broom, kid.

... feel like you're at a classy park!!
Duck (goose?), crane in tree, people. *nice*

... butt last, butt not least, see this cool bridge!
The Moon Bridge is very cool. Very must-see. Very must-stand-on.

As you can see, we all need to go to Dahu Park. It makes you feel super classy and it's v v cool. #Taipei #ShareThisPost